Morning Drive with Christie Live

Morning Drive with Christie Live

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Christie Live-Why Is This A Thing? Restaurant In Japan Will Slap Customers For A Fee

Christie Live-Crazy Train-Man Tries To Touch Bison & Gets Gored

A Utah man blames himself for getting gored by a bison after hopping the fence to get a closer look and wanting to touch the Bison!

Christie Live-The Great Debate-What Is Overhyped Or Overrated?

Today on 'The Great Debate,' what is something that is so overhyped and can disappear?
Christie hears from the listeners!

Christie Live-Crazy Train-Woman Found Alive Inside Body Bag Headed To Crematorium

A crematorium worker got the shock of his life when he picked up a "deceased" woman and realized she was still alive.

Christie Live-Are You A Real Or Fake Tree Person?

A coworker told Christie all about her holiday decorations and it had Christie wondering if people still get real trees. Christie hears from the listeners about their trees.

Christie Live-Crazy Train-Couple Discovers They've Been Drinking Toilet Water For Months

A couple in China are pretty freaked out after solving the mystery of why they'd been getting sick after drinking the water in their new apartment

Christie Live-Why Is This A Thing? The Eye Bleaching Challenge Is Back

Shout out to Doug in San Bruno who sent this story to Christie about the 'eye bleaching challenge.' People are trying to change their eye color by using bleach and we want to know WHY????
Tune in every Tuesday and Thursday for a new Why Is This A Thing? with Christie at 8:50 am!

Christie Live-Everyone Has That One Coworker Who (Fill In The Blank)

Christie had an encounter with a coworker in the building elevator that had her say "Oh no not again." Christie hears from the listeners about their "one coworker."

Christie Live-The Great Debate-Should Dogs Be Wearing Clothes?

Christie was walking in Alameda and saw a guy walking his dog who was dressed up in a dress. She is strongly against dogs in clothes but Karena and some of the listeners say otherwise. What do you think??

Christie Live-Crazy Train-Wolf Spider Lays Eggs Inside Man's Toe While On Cruise

This is the stuff of nightmares but also CRAZY! A man who was celebrating his anniversary on a cruise ship had to go to the doctor when his toe was turning purple and doctors found the unthinkable!!!