Join The Mile High Club With 'Love Cloud'!

Pilot Andy Johnson started Love Cloud after being a long time pilot, moving to Las Vegas, and seeing the opportunity to start something doesn't want to join the mile high club? If you're in to trying new things..this may be something fun to explore LOL

For $995-$1,495 you can shake the plane in the sky. Oh and Love Cloud is not ONLY for joining the mile high club, you can also book romantic dinners over LA and Las Vegas for $1,295-$1,595, limo service an extra $300, weddings and vow renewals are offered as well! It's also become pretty popular for proposals!

Yes, it's a little pricey..but can you really put on a price on what could be the best romantic experience you could possibly ever share with your partner? LOL Okay..I'm sure you could plan a cheaper, more romantic date..but let's be like this will NEVER be forgotten.

Would you book a mile high club flight?

CLICK HERE to see the Love Cloud instagram!

CLICK HERE to see the Love Cloud website!

Photo: Getty

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