Rihanna Confirms Pregnancy With Baby Bump Pics!

YOU GUYS..WE KNEW IT!!! It's been rumored for a while that Rihanna was pregnant after she was seen in Barbados being recognized as their "national hero". She wore this cute slinky orange dress but seemed to be in the "is she pregnant or is that a pudge?" phase. We all know that phase.


Photo: Getty Images

Rihanna initially denied these rumors saying something along the lines of "I'm pregnant every year guys, what's new?" type of vibe.


Rihanna and A$AP Rocky were pictured out in NYC over the weekend, baby bump on full display in the cutest little reveal pictures. They were taken in A$AP's hometown of Harlem!

The photographer actually debuted the photo on his instagram, which I'm sure is about to take the crown as most likes, right?

See the rest of the pics below.


Photo: Getty

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