WATCH: Boosie Experienced His First Shrooms High...ON CAMERA!

Boosie apparently was on some family trip over the weekend and made it all the more memorable by trying shrooms for the first time. Even better, he documented his trip on social media.

Acting a WHOLE fool. (but we can't stop laughing!)

In one clip he apparently was driving a car when he started dry humping the air (or steering wheel? lol) while listening to Muni Long's "Hrs and Hrs" do you even do that while driving? lmao check it out below..


In another video posted we can see Boosie running around in the snow in nothing but shorts, a sweater, and..what are those, rain boots? His legs must have been feeling nice and loose lmao after yelling "sh*t m make me run crooked!", we see him wobble down an icy path like a new born baby deer!

Hilarious. Looks like he had a good trip (both vacation and shrooms lol).

Photo: Getty

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