10 Mistakes At The Airport That Are Costing You Money!

As if flight tickets were not already expensive enough, you can always plan to prepare for extra expenses once you're at the airport. Whether it's checking bags, buying snacks, or needing a ride share.. here are a few tips that could save you some money at the airport. Common mistakes that most people do just for convenience, but a little extra preparation could save you some bucks!

Paying for expensive airport parking! Instead try arriving to the airport a little earlier, there is usually parking a mile or two away that is a little cheaper and you can take a free shuttle to your gate.

Spending too much on checked baggage? Make sure to weigh your bag prior to checking it to make sure it's not past the allowed weight limit, pack light, and don't forget to use airlines or credit cards that allow for free checked bags!

It's an extra item to carry but can save you a few bucks once your passed TSA, bring an empty water bottle! Water at the airport can be like $5, it's ridiculous, and we all know you can't pass TSA with any liquids..but if you bring an empty bottle you can fill up at a filtered water station once you get inside. :)

Other mistakes that can cost you are booking an expensive rental car at the airport rather than outside of the airport. Take the time to shop around, do your research and compare..airport rentals are more convenient but you could potentially spend hundreds more in total!

I'm really bad at this one I'll admit, but circle back with your credit card and see what free amenities they may offer. There's always some sort of free service, discount or reward points offered that could save you some bucks!

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