OnlyFans Model 'Exposes' DK Metcalf For Trying To Have Foursome With Her!

DK Metcalf of the Seattle Seahawks was apparently messing with some girl that used to drive 4 hours to hook up with him. Well one of these recent nights, while she was on her way to see DK and was an hour away, he told her it was getting late, to turn around, and go home. She was SO salty that she had driven all that way just for him to tell her to turn around that she went straight to social media to put him on blast! She shared screen shots, and even videos from what she claims was inside his bedroom.

She also claims that he didn't have her sign any form of NDA, so she is ALL for putting him on front street now..

She posted another video (on what we assume is the following day) to update everyone saying that she deleted the videos, then proceeded to recap the whole disaster of a drive, and THEN posted more screen shots of him telling her that he was trying to get her to come back so he could invite some more girls over for a foursome.

In the end, after reading some comments on Instagram about her and the situation...I think everyone agrees that she is only making herself look bad.. like she's TRYING REALLY HARD to "expose" him and make him look bad..but it's totally backfiring LOL One commenter even said they may even buy a Metcalf jersey after this! Another commenter says, "Girl, you gotta take these Ls in private".

Photo: Getty

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