WATCH: Video Of Trey Songz's Drink Seemingly Being Spiked Goes Viral

A video of Trey Songz in the club is going viral after a woman was caught pouring something into his drink...although we don't know for sure if it really was a spiked drink as everyone is suspecting, at the end of the day, based off of his reaction it definitely was without his consent because he was looking at her CRAZY!

He seemed to be engaged in a conversation off to the side when it happened but he seemed to catch it at the last second. She may have thought he didn't see, but it's obvious he caught on to what was happening and clearly was skeptical about taking another sip.

Take a look at the viral video below!

Social media is finding the humor in all of this, but had that been Trey Songz pouring a something into a woman's drink all hell would break loose. The same rules definitely apply here!!

Photo: Getty

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