VIDEO: Mom Shares Video Of Her Daughter After Her Drink Was Spiked!

Millie is from the UK where the legal drinking age is 18, and she went out with some friends for drinks for the first time. Some guy at the bar offered Millie a drink..and she says she only took a few sips (LUCKILY!!)..because shortly after she began to feel the effects of what she's now realizing was a spiked drink.

"I was sick in the alleyway opposite and that when I couldn't see properly, I couldn't feel my hands. I knew that I wasn't right, I was trying to speak and was stuttering and mumbling. My friends then phoned my sister and I had to be carried to the car and taken to A&E. In my head, I was there but in my body, I wasn't. I've never felt like that. The doctors were really supportive and trying to calm me down...I couldn't really walk with, they had to get a wheelchair for me, it was like I was trying to move my legs but they weren't moving."

Millie was taken to the hospital where her mom later went, and she recorded a video of Millie in the hospital bed and SHARED IT to warn other young girls about taking drinks from strangers at the bar or the club.

This goes to guys AND girls..whenever you're out where there is drinking, do NOT take a drink from someone you don't know or a drink that you didn't get handed straight out of the bartenders hands because you cannot trust anyone and you never know what they may have put in it. Yes, a free drink is nice..but it is NOT worth what could happen to you in the event the drink is spiked.

I personally never leave my drink unattended, I take it with me or leave it with a friend that I trust, and even when walking around I hold my cup with my hand over it and my thumb over my beer. You can never be too safe!

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