WTF?! Man Jumps Off Bridge Into River Because He Was "Bored" In Traffic!

26 year old Jimmy Ivan Jennings of Lafayette, Louisiana instantly regretted the moment his fingertips left the guard rail. He jumped off a bridge into ALLIGATOR INFESTED WATERS all because he had been stuck in standstill traffic for 2 hours and was super bored. He said he looked over the rail down to the water and it didn't look too far..the plan was to jump in, swim to shore, and his friend was supposed to meet him at the next exit. Well as we all know..things didn't go as planned..AT ALL.. and little Jimmy here is extremely lucky to be alive.

He said that once he hit the water things were BAD. His mouth busted open and he injured his left arm. He tried to swim to the shore but the current was too kept taking him under and he almost drowned a few times..he ended up having to tread water for THREE HOURS.

The current finally weakened enough that Jimmy was able to crawl to shore..he ended up on a small island so he had to borrow a boat to reach another shore. Barefoot, and injured, and lucky to be alive..Jimmy was thrown in cuffs!

“They got me with criminal mischief and some other charges,” he said. “It was crazy to do what I did. But after the fact, after realizing it was a bad idea, everything else I did was in pure survival mode.”

Photo: Getty

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