WATCH: Father & Son Go Viral In The Kitchen!

Every Sunday in Murfreesboro Tennessee, Marcus Hill and his son 7 year old MJ wake up early to cook a big breakfast for MJ to take to his mom in bed. While the food cooks, this father & son duo always make sure to take a few minutes to dance!

Marcus said he started filming the morning ritual to show his wife, saying “At first she had no idea what was going on in the kitchen, she just heard pots & pans so I recorded it to actually show her." The ritual started on Valentine's Day when Marcus said he wanted to do something extra special for his wife..he of course had MJ help..and then little MJ LOVED it and asked if they could keep cooking together for his mother. “When he saw mommy was happy he wanted to keep doing it to keep her happy. I was like we will pick one thing on the weekend. He loves making his mom happy!”

Marcus at first used to just only send the videos to friends and post them on his instagram story which disappeared after 24 his friends encouraged him to post them on his actual feed and this cute father son duo have no brightened the days of thousands of people. Marcus said “I grew up in a single parent home. I am a school teacher. I know a lot of kids who don’t have parents in the household.. when I started posting the videos id get comments from friends and people I don’t even know saying “this is inspiration. I didn’t have a dad growing up. I wasn’t trying to be an inspiration but its like thank you!” When he realized this was something positive he decided to keep posting. Of course people will always have something negative to say so he does get some people saying what hes teaching his son isn’t masculine.. but he has pretty thick skin and doesn’t let that bother him. MJ said he loves spending time with his dad whether is sports or dancing in the kitchen..and that’s all that matters!

Photo: Getty