Seattle Area Woman's House Floods, Neighbors Come Together!

There is an 80 year old woman in Issaquah named Linda Linden. She has been living in the same home by Issaquah Creek since 1961.

After all that rain we had the last several weeks, and the record flooding from Issaquah Creek she woke up last Thursday at 3 in the morning with water inside her house.

The flooding went on for 48 hours – it was so strong it actually picked up her brick sidewalk out of the ground. Now the bricks are in a pile in her yard.

The current of water coming down from Tiger Mountain caused the creek to overflow and actually cut a brand new path- right through her house.

I don’t know if you guys have ever had water damage but Linda’s floors are warped and need to be replaced, she has extensive damage, her property needs a lot of repairs, the house needs to be gutted and insurance won’t cover it.

Linda is known for helping others she even volunteered and helped survivors of the Paradise, CA wildfires, and always helped her neighbors so they decided to return the favor and try and help her.

In the last couple of days, people have anonymously donated to help Linda stay in her flood-damaged home through a GoFundMe page – power of community coming together- nearly 13 thousand dollars have been raised to Linda’s surprise.


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