Clown Of The Sound: 2 Teens Who Robbed A Man While He Was Having A Seizure


Today’s Clown of the Sound goes to the two teens in Kansas City, MO who robbed a man having a seizure! Austin was at Walmart trying to pick up medicine for his wife, and he’s in a wheelchair already to make matters worse, when he started having a seizure. He explained that when he regained consciousness the two teens were above him, digging in his pockets. So much can go wrong when someone is having a seizure and if you are at all able to help someone you definitely should, not rob them!Thankfully a bystander saw what was going on and was able to scare those two clowns away. Austin recovered and is just glad they didn’t steal his ID and insurance card. To the kids who took advantage of a man in his most vulnerable state, YOU are today’s clowns!! SMH!

The Wake Up Show


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