Clown Of The Sound: Man Arrested For Cocaine, Turns Out, It's Powdered Milk


Today’s Clown of the Sound goes to Cody Gregg of Oklahoma who got sentenced to 15 years in prison for cocaine possession... Then withdrew his guilty plea after the cocaine turned out to be powdered milk! This happened back in August, he was riding his bike when he got pulled over for no back lights..Cody ran from the police because he was on probation and that’s when they found the “white powder” in his bag. It tested positive for cocaine and Cody actually pled guilty to cocaine possession..turns out the white powder was powdered milk! Cody then withdrew his plea. So Cody the clown for pleading guilty to cocaine possession not knowing it was powdered milk? Like did he just tell on himself? Or is the cop the clown for taking a guy in for possession of powdered milk? LOL Let’s make them all clowns and call it a day!

The Wake Up Show


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