Clown Of The Sound: Local Man Uses 'Joker' Caption On Photo With 2 AK-47s


Today’s Clown of the Sound goes to 23 year old Charles Donnely of Redmond who posted to his Twitter a picture of him holding two AK’s with the caption “one ticket to Joker please”. With the high security alert for this movie’s opening weekend all across the country, as you can imagine, authorities didn’t find this tweet very funny. Redmond Police Department filed an Extreme Risk Protection Order..and six guns including multiple semiautomatic assault rifles were removed from his home last Tuesday. He also expressed on twitter that he was an incel, involuntary celibate, and found that he had a history of “violent and disturbing” social media threats towards women. He’s had his gun license revoked and is expected to appear in court on Oct. 15. He may have thought this was all a joke, but we bet he’s not laughing now! CLOWN!

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