Clown Of Sound: Car Thief Caught On DashCam


Today’s Clown of the Sound goes to the their in Beaverton OR, in a now viral video, was caught on dash cam breaking into a woman’s car!

The dash cam she has will start recording automatically as soon as it detects motion and then after 10 seconds, a picture with a flash. This clown was caught red handed, looking like a deer in head lights, eyes wide as hell..looking STRAIGHT into the camera! He left without taking a thing from the car..but now police have the most perfect photo ever of this man’s face. FAIL! Such a fail that the woman who’s car he broke into and her neighbor were both laughing as they replayed the video over and over again. He broke into a car, left with nothing but a perfect photo of his face for cops! Lol!

The Wake Up Show


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