7 Year Old Writes Letter To Police Station Asking For Job


A 7 year old boy recently sent a letter to his local police department explaining why he thinks he would make an AMAZING police officer..and its so adorable he almost go hired. Lol the letter reads “I would love to be a police officer to stop diamond heists and bank robberies. Im good at dodging objects and I got good eye sight. I am good at jumping from high places and in got lots of stealth. The job needs lost of focus and eye sight. To be a good police officer you need ton check stuff. I am good at guarding places. I would be good for the job because in am good at climbing.” The police department posted the letter on facebook & said we are definitely persuaded! Unfortunately..the kid has to wait like 11 more years before he can actually apply..but how could you not hire him!! Lol

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