Teenager Survives 10-Inch Knife To The Face!


A teen in Kansas has survived a 10-inch knife blade to the face, shocking his team of doctors and everyone else in the world. Eli Gregg, who is 15 years old, was playing outside of his family’s house when the terrifying accident happened, although it’s not clear exactly how the knife ended up in his face.

X-Rays show the knife penetrating the teen’s face and going into his skull to the underside of his brain. Doctors told his mother that he could face the possibility of a stroke or losing sight in one eye, depending on how they were able to get it out. But his team of doctors managed to get the blade out and they explained he’s lucky just to be alive, but he’s actually wide awake and talking now. Dr. Ebersole said Eli wouldn’t have survived if there was one more pound of force on it.

With his brain still functioning properly, Dr. Ebersole says he thinks Eli is going to heal just fine. And his mom says he son plans to stay away from sharp objects from now on.

Thankfully he is OK!

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