An Entire School Learned Sign Language To Welcome Their First Deaf Student

The students at this elementary school in Maine are going above and beyond to welcome a very special new student to their classrooms. 6-year-old Morie is the first deaf student to attend Dayton Consolidated School.When the staffers heard that Morie could only communicate in ASL, they started hanging posters throughout the school to teach the other students sign language. Reporters say that the students now know about 20 different vocabulary words.On top of that, the school even installed a hearing assistive system and began making their classes more deaf-friendly. The teachers have even been learning ASL in their spare time so they can better communicate with Morie. The school principals said “Morie – without even knowing it – has taught us so much, She has brought a culture to our building that we didn’t have before.” Also adding that Morie helped them all to learn the alphabet and just couldn’t stop saying how amazing it was to see all the kids embrace her and just want her around all the time. The students were rewarded for their hard work earlier this week after they were visited by a Disney princess, cinderella, to sing songs to them in sign language – with a little help from Morie, of course.

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