Police Officers Walk Little Boy To School After His Father Passes Away


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Five-year-old Dakota Pitts father Rob Pitts, was Indiana police officer and was unfortunately killed in the line of duty. But When Dakota arrived back at school this week, he received a special welcome that gave him the support he needed.

Dakota asked his mom if one of his dad's police officer friends could drive him to school. When he arrived at his elementary school, there was no one officer but 70 Indiana police waiting outside to give Dakota his very own police escort to school.

The 5-year-old wore his father's police badge proudly and walked past the long line of officers. The officers also gave him his very own SWAT T-shirt and badge upon his arrival. They wanted Dakota to know they will always have his back.

For Dakota, this very tough day was made a little easier by the love and support from his "blue family." The video is adorable…

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