Principal Reads Bedtime Stories To Students Via Facebook Like

42 year old Belinda George is the principal of Homer Drive Elementary School in Beaumont Texas AND..also the star of Tucked-In Tuesdays!! So Tucked-In Tuesdays is a tradition she started to ensure that her students can have a bedtime story and try to encourage them to read more books! Every Tuesday evening, Principal George gets in these cute pajamas, grabs a children's book and reads to her students via Facebook live! She obviously originally started this for her own students, she has quickly followers from kids across the country. Principal George says that 94% of her students come from disadvantaged homes, and they've had trouble keeping up their literacy scores in some past years. BUT ever since Principal George took over as principal last year, the school has already seen improvements in literacy and reading comprehension scores and its probably all thanks to Tucked-In Tuesdays! She said “The bottom line is I love, love kids. I know if I don’t reach them outside of school, I may never reach them in school.” I absolutely love that she does this and hops on Facebook live to read her students a bed time story who may not otherwise ever get a bedtime story!

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