Volunteers Dedicate Snow Day To Serving Students

As we all know now, EVERYTHING SHUTS DOWN during the snow. Fun when you don't have to go tow ork or school but in the Northshore School District, snow days mean no lunch for students who may rely on the two meals per day they can get at school. District communications director Lisa Youngblood Hal aid that 30-35 families reached out and said they needed help, "they need us to bring food to them". So Monday, volunteers - families, staff members, and community members all offered to help, even local businesses chipped in, donating water and other supplies to the effort. Within hours, dozens of hot lunches were ready to serve at Northshore Middle School and volunteers were busy preparing hundreds more bagged lunches for families who couldn't make it to the school. Volunteers gathered again Tuesday, and they hope to continue providing lunches until the winter weather lets up and school gets back to normal.


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