Music Video: Macntaj - "Look Up" ft. Jerome Dillard

If you watch a lot of Macntaj music videos you know for the most part they are fun and playful, however, for this song, Macntaj got a little serious and reflected on his journey over the years that lead him up to where he is now. A little about the song:

"Look Up" finds Macntaj reflecting on his journey through a turbulent childhood to his present day position as an artist on the verge of stardom. A deeply personal, retrospective song, "Look Up" is the latest single from the forthcoming album "Big Bloc Meign" [on Bloc Star Evolution/INgrooves/UMG]. "Look Up" is Macntaj's coming out party as a legitimate emcee with a broader range than the maniacal comedy he's most known for. From the cadence to the lyrical content, Macntaj is in rare form. - Via Macntaj TV

Check out the music video below!

Macntaj was my first pick of the week for New At 10, if you missed my interview with Macnaj see it here!

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