Pregnant Princess Love & Ray Call It Quits After He Posted THIS Video

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A couple days ago, Ray J got caught slippin' after he posted this video to his Instagram account. He was recording some sort of announcement when he accidentally walked into a certain area in his bathroom, and in the background was a woman wrapped in a towel...AND IT WASN'T HIS WIFE PRINCESS.

See below..

Chile @rayj Dumb Self Got Caught On Live With Another Woman In His Shower And His Preggers Wife @princesslove Has "Allegedly" Left His Cheating Ass. I Knew They're Marriage Wasnt Gone Last. Hell Princess Should Have Know That #Rayj Wasn't Gone Change. Then I Was Thinking This Could Be A Storyline "Created Drama" Situation For #LHHH #RayJ #PrincessLove

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Princess since then has been posting subtle shade messages about cheating and letting go on Instagram, which has now been deleted. Ray is also attempting to clear his name by posting this message, that has ALSO been deleted.. "God is in control of everything Ray- don't let this negative energy get 2 you Ray- You are doing everything right – from being faithful – staying focused on the goal and treating everyone with respect and love Ray- Don't let the devil try to come into your world and break you down."

And now his MAMA is putting in her two cents! Remember on the show, L&HH Hollywood, Ray's mom was incredibly persistent about making Princess and Ray get a prenup..but when Princess found out Ray's mom wanted them to sign a prenup she was PISSED..and refused to marry Ray if he wanted her to sign a to make wifey happy he ripped it up. And they married. With no prenup. After blasting Ray for cheating, Sonja Norwood actually wants Princess to APOLOGIZE to her son. TUH!

Hmmmmmm....sounds like #RayJ’s mom #SonjaNorwood has a few meme’s herself πŸ˜©πŸ˜† #TeaTENDERS

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This is getting juicy y'all. Will they work things out for the sake of their unborn child & their marriage? Or will Princess take him for everything he's got. Find out next season on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood....literally...because I'm sure all the drama will be on the show. LOL

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