Deadpool is in the New Celine Dion Music Video??

Props to Ryan Reynolds and the marketing team for Deadpool 2 because they might have done the funniest marketing campaign ever by having Celine Dion record a song and film a music video for the movie.

Called "Ashes" Celine is seen singing her heart out in an empty auditorium with a team of violins and pianos, but then scenes from Deadpool 2 start coming in and out and the even stranger thing is when Deadpool walks onto the stage and starts dancing.

Check out the music video below, which ends with Deadpool trying to convince Dion to do it all over again.

Below you can see Dion's tweet about the music video and while it's weird seeing someone of her stature excited for Deadpool 2, it has to be the Canadian in her since Deadpool is also from Canada.

Deadpool 2 will be in theaters later this month on May 18 and you can prepare for it with the latest trailer below.

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