Kanye West Yells "Get Away From Me" Allegedly Punches A Fan In The Face

The fact that people still run up on Kanye West (or shall I say Ye) after seeing what he did to that photographer's camera is truly beyond me! At about 3AM, Kanye West allegedly asked a group of people in downtown LA to not take photos of him and that they don't understand what he's going through. One of the people in the group said it's okay we all go through family stuff. What was Kanye's response you may ask, welp he allegedly punched a man in the group twice, once in the head and once in the neck. To make matter worse, the guy apparently hit his head pretty hard when he fell to the ground.

Currently, there is a video going around of Kanye West yelling "get away from me" to an unknown woman, she responded by saying "I am your family give me your hand," she also told him to calm down and at some point, you can hear Kanye say to the woman "you were supposed to talk to her!" The woman is rumored to be Kanye's cousin.

The video starts out with the man Kanye West allegedly punched in the face laying on the ground holding his head. According to TMZ the alleged victim refused medical attention at the scene but is now getting checked out in urgent care.

The story is still developing and Kanye West is now under investigation by the LAPD for battery.


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