King & Pierce County: Comcast Giving Minority-Owned Businesses $10k Grants

Comcast Profits Rise 26 Percent In Fourth Quarter

Photo: Getty Images North America

Well this is dope! Thanks to the pandemic, local businesses have been hit hard, and are still working their way out of the hole shutting down for Covid left them in. However, Comcast is helping out 100 minority-owned businesses in King and Pierce County with $10k grants, marketing help and even technology makeovers.

"Sometimes these businesses want to get going again, but they need funds, they need liquid cash, quite honestly, just to be able to go back out and buy supplies again and open their food trucks, open their restaurants, or whatever it might be," explained Dave Manapat, marketing director for Comcast Business.

"So, for example, roughly 21% of businesses, small businesses, have been impacted, but it's almost doubled for African American owned businesses, and about 30% of Latin X and about 25% of Asian businesses,” said Manapat.

Applications are being accepted through October 14(so till Thursday). To be eligible, a business has to be more than three years old and have no more than 25 employees. - KING 5


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