DaBaby apologizes for LGBTQ+ & HIV/AIDs Rant "What I Needed Was Educating”

Rolling Loud Miami 2021

Photo: Getty Images North America

Welp! Looks like the pressure is more than just on. Last weekend while performing at rolling loud, rapper DaBaby not only brought out Tory Lanez right after Megan Thee Stallion left the stage and was allegedly still backstage but he also made some homophobic rants 🥴 In case you missed what DaBaby said about gay men and people with HIV/AID see the rant below:

After getting called out by fans and critics DaBaby took to his IG to say if you weren't at the show, what he did on stage is none of “your” business. See below:

Not sure what calls were made but he was taken off a festival in the UK, and over the weekend Lollapalooza made a statement about why they also decided to drop DaBaby from the festival. See their statement below:

Fast forward to this morning, DaBaby has now issued a written apology saying this was an educating moment for him. See his latest apology below:


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