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SMH... Seattle City Council OKs a $12 an Hour Parking Hike

*warning.... this is a long rant LOL* I KNOW YOU LYIN! Seattle loves to tax in the wildest ways as if it’s not already dumb expensive to live in this city 😤

Apparently, while the rest of us have been planning out our hot girl and hot boy summer, Seattle City Council has been plotting on ways to force people to use the light rail or some form of public transportation during sporting events, concerts and festivals in Seattle. Their latest idea was to hike the price of parking during these events to as much as $12 AN HOUR! Yup... See below for details 🤦‍♀️

The Transportation and Utilities Committee passed the legislation via a 5-0 vote, meaning the full council will now consider the proposal.

If council members endorse the idea during its next meeting, which is likely given that five members of the committee have already approved it, motorists looking for public parking could see the rate jump to as much as $12 per hour during events where 10,000 people are more are present. That would include things like games for the Seattle Kraken or the Seahawks. - via KOMO News

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🙄 I’m sorry, but that is RUDE AS HELL! Not sure who is in district 4 but your City Councilman Alex Pedersen feels this will help ease traffic in congested parts of the city during sporting events and concerts "We just want to encourage all the fans to take the light rail and then get on the monorail," he said during the committee meeting. "Sound Transit is working really hard to open those extra light rail stations to time with the opening of Climate Pledge Arena."

Currently, the parking rate is anywhere from 50 cents to $5 an hour, which is already a lot when you’re on a budget. For me, I think this is inconsiderate, especially for people that work at these concerts and sporting events. Not everyone lives close enough to take the light rail or public transportation, and even if they do, who says they want to leave their car behind. Last I checked, most park an rides don’t have cameras and even if they do, typically they have signs that say something along the lines of “lock your car doors, we’re not responsible for break-ins”


Photo: AFP

I get wanting to ease traffic, but at the end of the day, people know what it is when it comes to these events. If the Seahawks are playing and you’re not going to the game or a bar to watch the game, typically people stay out of that area. Also, if I lived in Tacoma and came to Seattle for the Bite of Seattle, the last thing I would want to do is sit on a crowded train when I’m hot, sleepy, and just ready to go home.

If taking the light rail is such a big thing, maybe pass out bus cards, IDK but $12 an hour? At that point, I’ll just park in the garage!

According to KOMO, SDOT plans to request a tiered approach for the parking rate increases, starting with a $3 per hour fee for the first two hours and $8 per hour thereafter. Residents and businesses could apply for a parking exemption that would cost $65 per year.

We shall see... Thoughts?

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