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Besa's Top 5 Netflix Picks Of The Week

Seeing that we will all be home for a little longer, I thought it would be a great idea to start sharing the things I’m watching on Netflix. Below are my recent 5 favorites. Trust me when I say I’ll have more things for you to watch next week!

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Black Mirror:

Literally started this show last night and I’m currently on Episode 3 as I write this blog. Let me warn you now, THIS is something that will have you look at the future a little sideways. Black Mirror is one show that definitely falls in line with the way technology is going. I won’t spoil it on how.


GET. INTO. IT! This has to be the best show I’ve watched since Game Of Thrones and Reign. Between the Duke and Dutches and finding out who Lady Whistledown was, this show kept me on my toes. I’ve actually watched it twice. Apparently, the book Bridgerton is based on is in 8 parts. So it looks like we have a lot more Bridgerton to watch.

And no, I won’t be reading the books. I would rather just wait until the next season comes out and be surprised.


If you watched Orange Is The New Black then you’ve probably seen Wentworth pop up in your suggestions. WATCH IT. When I tell you it makes Orange Is the New Black look like a bunch of babies, I mean it. Literally took a break because the show was that intense.

Social Dilemma:

If you’ve ever wanted to know why certain social media apps are so addictive, you’ll find everything you need to know here.

Seven Seconds:

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch this one, but it was a shmood! I might actually watch it again. If you like shows like How To Get Away With Murder, you’ll love this one. Not as bloody, but still good!

Ok! Those are my 5 Nexflix recommendations of the week! If you have a show or movie you think I should watch, let me know on Twitter or Instagram @naybesa

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