Seattle City Council To Vote On “The ‘Infants at Work’ Program

People with kids might hate me after this post.l But whatever 😂

While scanning over King5 I saw a post saying Seattle City Council members are expected to vote on a new program that would allow parents to bring infants to work.

“Working parents everywhere know first-hand the challenges of balancing the demands of going back to the workplace, the skyrocketing cost of childcare – especially for infant care, and the need for early and sufficient bonding time with their children,” said Mosqueda. “The ‘Infants at Work’ pilot program would allow eligible city employees an opportunity to be with their infants at work during their first months of life, which promotes workplace retention, increased productivity, lower employee turnover rates, and improved health for infants, their parents and general population health.” - Via King 5

If this is approved according to Teresa Mosqueda (Position 8, Citywide) the program would be implemented April 15, 2020.

Here are my thoughts, I PERSONALLY, don’t have children, therefore I don’t want a bunch of babies, crying, screaming and running around the office. If this is something people would like for the workplace, why not create a daycare option? And frankly, I personally don’t see how, or why you would want to bring your infant into a work meeting, It’s a total distraction! That’s up there with bringing 2-year-olds to the movies in my book.

But again I don’t children, so maybe my thoughts are a little selfish. Would you vote for this option if you had the chance?

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