New Video: Travis Thompson - "Need You"

I play this song at least twice on my shows so it's only right for me to post the video.

KUBE 93.3 Summer Jam artist Travis Thompson just dropped a video for his latest single "Need You" which is featured on his "RUNAWAYS" EP! Check out the video below:


Let me start by saying shout out to Travis for putting SO MANY local key players in the video. It always warms my little heart when I see familiar faces.

In the video, Travis Thompson is getting married but when the Rev asked if anyone objected, he had a classically drunk friend come out reminding him he's too young to get married.

Now.... I don't know what happened to his wife's eyes in the end, but I do know if the purpose was to lightly creep me out they did a great job!

Anywhoots! If you're REALLY about the Seattle Tacoma hip hop life, hit me on IG @naybesa and let me know who you recognized in the video!

P.S. Congrats are in order to you Travis Thompson, for not only sealing your record deal with Epic Records, but for getting on this years Summer Jam 👏👏👏



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