Washington State Has One Of The Best Hot Springs Destinations In The U.S.

Hot Spring

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People love taking a dip in water, whether it's surfing in the ocean, swimming in a lake, or fishing on a riverbank. Some spots tend to get a little less attention compared to other bodies of water: hot springs. These naturally heated swells are fueled by geothermal activity, providing a soothing experience to anybody looking to relax their muscles or escape the cold. While hot springs are somewhat rare, they can be an appealing amenity for several towns, cities, and attractions.

That's why Places To Travel revealed the best hot springs destinations in the United States. Seventeen places landed on the list, ranging from popular spots to lesser-known locations.

A hot springs located at a popular national park in Washington State also landed on the list. The Olympic Hot Springs is a secluded location to soak as you're surrounded by unbridled wilderness. Here's what writers had to say about this spot:

"These springs are located in Olympic National Park in Washington State which is worth a visit in and of itself. The lush, verdant landscape is one of the most diverse in the united states making this experience unique. To access these you have to take a 5 mile round trip hike from the Boulder Creek Trailhead. Just make sure to check conditions as the park occasionally closes access to this hike."

Speaking of conditions, the National Park Service said a road washout made accessing Olympic Hot Springs more difficult. They provided other directions for reaching the springs on their website. There's also the Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort if you're looking for an alternative.

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