2 Washington Eateries Named Among 2023's Best Restaurants

Salad of gnocchi, courgette, red bell pepper and basil

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The culinary world is full of exciting eateries for Americans to check out, from budding establishments with amazing concepts and menus to longstanding joints still charming old and new customers with their food. With so many restaurants opening their doors every year, it's hard to keep track of what's worth your time.

The New York Times just unveiled its 2023 list of the top restaurants they're "most excited about right now." The news outlet states, "For the third annual New York Times Restaurant List, we sent a dozen reporters, editors and critics to hundreds of places across the United States — from Rattlesnake Point in Florida to the Arts District in Los Angeles — to find our favorites."

NYT included two restaurants in Washington state on their esteemed list this year, and all of them opened within the last five years. Writers also detailed what you can look forward to at these eateries:

Ltd Edition Sushi in Seattle

If you're craving world-class sushi and a more intimate dining experience, look no further than this Japanese restaurant in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood. Senior Editor Brian Gallagher has nothing but nice things to say about Chef Keiji Tsukasaki and his traditional preparations, mentioning "achingly good" Dungeness crab, firefly squid, and tuna belly sushi with housemade soy milk and shio koji.

Bar Bacetto in Waitsburg

Gallagher also provided the commentary for this Italian lunch-only spot, which is located in the tiny town of Waitsburg. The editor said you can look forward to "a few antipasti and three pastas a night — an ever-changing lineup that might include tagliarini with a sauce of squid ink and black garlic, or rainbow chard gnudi." He even suggests you should order the whole menu if you get the opportunity to try out this hidden gem.

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