Washington Eatery Has Some Of The 'Absolute Best' Fried Rice In The U.S.

Chinese special fried rice takeaway food

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Fried rice is the perfect comfort food for when you want to chill at home or you can't make up your mind at a restaurant. While fried rice can be found in plenty of Asian eateries, just about any place can put its own spin on this classic dish. That's why The Daily Meal compiled a list of the "absolute best" fried rice you can find in America.

A Washington restaurant got the spotlight thanks to its special take on fried rice: A+ Hong Kong Kitchen! Here's what writers love about this joint's dish:

"While not fried rice, the restaurant's stir-fried rice rolls were deemed 'the best dish in [Seattle's] International District]' by a food writer with The Infatuation. Fried rice is used as a base for the restaurant's many dishes that come baked in traditional Cantonese clay pots — and foodies rave over it. One Yelp reviewer swears by the A+ Lovers' fried rice, which is a bed of fried rice with a chicken and mushroom tomato sauce on one side, and a shrimp and vegetable cream sauce on the other. Several others recommend the salty fish fried rice — with the restaurant's XO sauce of course."

You can find this restaurant at 419 6th Ave. S in Seattle.

Check out the full list on The Daily Meal's website.

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