Washington Restaurant Serves One Of The Best Thanksgiving Dinners In The US

Full Homemade Thanksgiving Dinner

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Thanksgiving is a time to relax and enjoy time with family and friends, but making the actual dinner can be stressful. If you want to give yourself a break this year, plenty of stellar restaurants are serving holiday meals for your and your family.

That's why Tasting Table curated a list of amazing U.S. restaurants offering the most delicious Thanksgiving dinners. The website states, "The meals here offer an All-American array of options from traditional turkey and trimmings to Asian, European, and Native American dishes, with the venues ranging from luxury hotels to a celebrity chef's pet project to a funky retro-themed diner."

One Washington state restaurant made the list: Water's Table! You can look forward to a buffet full of seafood, turkey, ham, Brussel sprouts, roasted potatoes, pecan pie, and other mouth-watering offerings.

"Water's Table is a restaurant whose name reveals its main attraction. It is located in the Hyatt Regency Lake Washington at Seattle's Southport and offers a lovely view of that same lake. The cuisine is also noteworthy, though, as they're into the whole farm-to-table scene. Water's Table's Thanksgiving dinner is offered in the form of a buffet, something that will allow diners to sample a whole range of their locally-sourced seafood, meat, and produce."

You can find Water's Table at 1053 Lake Washington Blvd N in Renton.

Check out the full list of restaurants offering amazing Thanksgiving meals on Tasting Table's website.

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