2 Washington Oyster Restaurants Among The Best In The U.S.

Oysters served on a plate at restaurant

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Two Seattle restaurants made it on Mashed's list of "The Absolute Best Oysters In The U.S." The list features both East and West Coast seafood eateries known for their "superb" oyster offerings.

The first restaurant mentioned is The Walrus and the Carpenter, an acclaimed Ballard raw bar that's been around since 2010:

"On the menu, there are over five different types of oysters. Next to the type of oyster, you'll conveniently find the name of the farm where each bivalve was harvested. There are Olympia Wild oysters from Olympic Oyster Company. There are Calm Cove and Pickering Passage oysters from Hama Hama Oyster Company. There are even Canadian oysters, 'Fanny Bays,' from nearby Vancouver's PNW Shellfish Company. The menu also boasts vegetables, meats, cheeses, wines, and beloved bread to pair with those savory mollusks."

The second restaurant featured is Taylor Oyster Bar!

Taylor Shellfish Farms runs the restaurant. According to the company's website, the Taylor family's been farming oysters in Puget Sound since the 19th century. Writers say you can expect this from their eatery:

"Offerings are focused on bivalves from the region. On the menu, you'll find a variety of Washington oysters: Shigoku oysters from Nachotta, Kumamotos from Oakland Bay, and Olympias from Totten Inlet. All of these places are in Washington."

Click HERE to check out Mashed's full list.

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