Doorbell Video Catches Cat Running Up Fence To Escape Coyote In Seattle

If you live in Seattle, keep an eye on your pets. Doorbell camera footage from a Seattle home caught the tail-end of an encounter between a cat and a coyote, GeekWire reports.

Todd Bishop, who lives in Seattle, says the incident happened in his Ballard neighborhood. A Ring camera shows his neighbor's cat climbing up a fence shortly before a coyote comes up in view. With the fearful feline out of sight, the coyote stops, sniffs around, and walks away. Bishop says the cat was lucky the coyote didn't leap over the fence.

"Coyote sightings have become more common in our part of the city, which is near the train corridor and greenbelt that runs alongside Golden Gardens Park," the writer remarked after complimenting the high quality of the video. "For those concerned about the cat, our neighbors report that he was spooked by the close encounter but otherwise alright."

Bishop also offered a key observation: the uptick of coyote sightings. These reported incidents have been on the rise across the nation, according to wildlife experts. They say coyotes change habitats for more available food sources.

A similar cat-coyote encounter was also caught on camera in the Pacific Northwest recently, except it was the other way around.

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