People are Hooking Up in Porta-Potties at Music Festivals

We don't judge anyone for the sexual activities, even if they are a little weird, but a new survey on music festivals is saying that 9.4 percent of people did it in a porta-potty!!

Online ticket marketplace TickPick looked surveyed over 1,000 festival-goers which means that about 90 people (45 Couples) have done it in what might be the dirtiest place to do it ever.

What happens if you lose your footing and then a body part ends up in the "waste well?"? How do you clean up after yourselves?

Apparently a third of concertgoers admitted up to getting freaky at a festival, including doing it in tents, cars, and RV campers too.

Along with a water bottle and a tent if you're camping out, don’t forget the protection and sanitary wipes cause you're going to get lucky!!

SOURCE:  Women's Health

IMAGE: Getty


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