Carla Marie's Side Hustlers Podcast: Little Words Big Project

It's so insane to think the smallest gestures have the biggest impacts. That's the overall theme of this week's episode of Side Hustler as well as Adriana Carrig's entire company model. In January of 2014, I featured a small bracelet company, Little Words Project, on the radio. These cute little bracelets reminded me of my childhood, and they all had powerful words on them. I had no idea I was starting a trend that would change someone's life. Adriana Carrig created Little Words Project in November of 2013 and worked out of her parents' basement, a year and a half later she quit her full-time job to work on Little Words Project

Women and girls everywhere quickly became obsessed with these bracelets and Adriana eventually moved the business out of her parents' basement. Today you can find Little Words Project bracelets in boutiques all over the country! If you don't already have one, you'll want one. You'll also give it away at some point...that's the small act of kindness that embodies this entire company. Listen to Adriana's story below and you'll get a coupon code!



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