The Weeknd is Dropping His Album Tonight

The Weeknd has been sharing pics and videos (without sound) of him working in studio on what we can assume is his upcoming album. 

Abel teased us earlier this week about releasing something. A single, the whole album? Who knows!


Then he posted this today. Artwork for My Dear Melancholy, with the caption "tonight". We knew he'd be releasing something tonight, but is it just a single? Not according to a billboard spotted in London's Shoreditch neighborhood. 


A snap of a billboard in London started circulating around twitter, and it's promoting My Dear Melancholy, as The Weeknd's new album. 

So, it looks like Abel will be dropping his next installment tonight without much talk or promotion ahead of time. And if it's what Travis Scott has promised, it'll be a dark album reminiscent of The Weeknd's Trilogy vibes. 

Cannot wait!



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