Six New Dating Terms You'll Want to Know Before Your Next Date!

We live in a world where "ghosted" is now a verb and where new dating terms are made almost every month! Don't worry because we got you covered with the latest dating terms to know before you agree to something weird when on a Tinder date!

Sunday Night Fever:

"Sunday Night Fever" is a term to describe how Sunday is the busiest night in dating app activity. Mostly women would experience this when they get a bunch of messages from guys on Sundays and having to answer them.

How to Use It: “Sorry for not being able to hang out with you tonight, but it’s Sunday Night Fever.”


"Freeclimbing" is when you go on a deep-dive on someone's social media after you match with them. Essentially it is the act of learning about them without accidentally liking any of their pictures or posts.

How to Use It: "I was freeclimbing so far back on her Instagram and I almost liked one of her photos."

Sexting the Waters:

"Sexting the waters" is when your significant other, or a random person, tries to subtly tries to start sexting with you. It might be texts like "Where are you?" where if you reply "in bed..." the person will think you want to sext. Essentially it's a passive way to initiate going from a normal conversation to sexting each other.

How to Use It: “Last night was kind of awkward, Joey spent about two hours sexting the waters and then I passed out and fell asleep.”


"Cryptomancer" refers to someone who is way too into crypto-currency like Bitcoin and try to compare buying things to Bitcoin. Usually they will brag a lot that they have a bitcoin.

How to Use It: "“Joey and I went out for dinner last night and I think he's a cryptomancer because he tried to pay for our meal in bitcoin.”


"Printing" is when you accidentally comment or like your crush's or potential match's photos or posts. You may or may not get caught so maybe just avoid any heart-shaped options on social media!

How to Use It: “I messed up big time. I was looking at Mary's Instagram and I ended up printing her story and she saw."


"Lining" is when you try to extend a date or encourage your date to go home with you by calling a Lyft Line or Uber Pool instead of normal ride home. These options in both apps ask if you are going alone or with a friend which then leads to the person asking their date if they want to split the ride.

How to Use It: “I got so excited when Mary Lined me that I almost knocked the phone out her hand.”

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