POWER Pet of the Week! Meet "Hunting Party"

Hunting Party came to Motley Zoo from Benton City, where they have gotten MANY of their cats this year. There is a rescue in Benton City that works on spay/neuter but the numbers are such that they need the help of the rescues and shelters in the Seattle area to assist them with the numerous cats and kittens being born this year, still even now. However, hopefully, with the cold weather, we will start to see a decline in the number of kittens being born. 

Stray or feral cats will give birth during kitten season, which is based on the weather actually. So around spring when it starts to get warm, Aprilish through fall until the snow starts to fall, cats will give birth to multiple litters. Sometimes cats will go into heat while still nursing a litter and can have as many as 4-5 litters in one season with litters ranging from 2-7.

Hunting Party was sent to Motley Zoo with 19 other cats and kittens (some motherless like his sister Final Masquerade and him). They received this transport shortly after the death of Chester Bennington, so they had each litter themed a Linkin Park album and named after a song from that album. Hunting Party is the last of the Linkin Park kittens not spoken for (as In the End and Papercut are getting adopted tomorrow) and they have one mother (One More Light).

Hunting Party is an insanely social kitten, very interactive. So the minute you step in the door, he will be there to greet you. He will expect attention and if you sit, he thinks that's an invitation to get in your lap. He has the loudest motor and it turns on the minute you pick him up. He gives hugs and likes to nibble on your finger tips. He is inquisitive and playful. Very sweet and affectionate. And he has the coolest little mohawk ever. His tail may have been broken as a very young kitten or while in the womb, but he has the coolest little mohawk to compensate for that! ADOPT HUNTING PARTY HERE!!!


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