Carla Marie Sits Down With Halsey

Key Arena was packed with Halsey's biggest fans for her show Friday night. The crowd was crazy and Halsey put on an insane show but a few hours before she took the stage she sat down with me. Before the camera was rolling, we bonded over our home state of New Jersey. Halsey asked  how I liked living in Seattle and I told her I loved it, but that it's so different than the east coast. She agreed and said she can't believe she goes hiking when she travels ((that's not really something we do in Jersey!))

I told Halsey how dedicated her fans are, they'd been calling and texting in to our morning show nonstop to try and win tickets to her concert. She brought up how she loves meeting her fans so she does longer meet and greets which let's her actually spend time with them. She explained  how she knows what it's like to really connect with an artist. When Halsey was in high school she went to a mental hospital, while she was there she couldn't listen to music and she missed it so much. When her mom picked her up from the hospital she put on the radio and the first song she heard was from Imagine Dragons and she immediately had a connection with them. Fast forward 2.5 years later and Halsey OPENED for Imagine Dragons. How insane is that?! She told me the story in the video below and she brought it up on on stage at Key Arena and said "I don't normally tell this story on stage but for some reason it's on my mind tonight..." I know why it was on her mind!! Because of me! The full interview is below where she also talks about hitting up a local Seattle strip club with Imagine Dragons!



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