Get To Know Speedyville Nardy!

“Be You And Never Stop”: Speedyville Nardy Does What He Wants

Speedyville Nardy isn’t stopping for anyone. With a clothing line for Pack Money and his purchase of Speedyville, the housing project where he grew up, on their way, the Chicago-raised artist is focused on following the same advice he gives others: to do whatever his soul, body, heart, and mind choose— including music.

Boasting work with his cousin Petey Blanko, Atlanta’s 24LeftEye, Hollorounitback (“The best producer coming out of Houston right now!” he says. “Honestly, remember I said it!”), and Oakland legend Too $hort, Speedyville Nardy’s limits simply do not exist. What he’s really focused on, however, is authenticity— and that’s key for any artist he looks to work with. Beyond music, Speedyville Nardy is all about being genuine, and despite his work at community events, including his work with the city’s homeless communities, he’s all about staying humble. “I don’t do things and broadcast to the masses for credibility or acknowledgement,” he says. “I do it when it needs to be done... There’s no trophy for being genuine or helping another!” He isn’t waiting on success to give back to the community, though that success is coming, and coming fast. “I’ve been providing and assisting many without it,” he notes. “Helping, being an inspiration, leading by example, good character, determination, self preservation, and being supportive.” For Speedyville Nardy, the list goes on. “Things of this nature I manifest daily, money or no money!”

Indeed, Speedyville Nardy is setting an example sheerly by living up to his own life’s standards. “I like enjoying the real world!” he emphasizes. “You gone die soon, real soon. Go kuku! Don’t worry or stress about nothing. Experience it all! Risk, sacrifice, and failure means you’re growing and learning, so do a lot of it!” Most of all, Speedyville Nardy is all about honoring and valuing what’s right in front of him. “Cherish the people in your life,” he advises others. “It’s going to be a day you’re not going to see them or be able to call them ever again.”

To support and keep up with him and his work, follow him on Instagram @speedyville728, Twitter @Nardyville, and Youtube!

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