Megan Fox's Engagement Ring Has Thorns!

Mega Fox and Machine Gun Kelly got engaged about a week or so ago, and he's already spilling the tea about the engagement ring! (only to "control the narrative" he says which is fine with me!) First of all, GORGEOUS ring. Going against tradition, it is two rings instead of just one, and they are held together by a magnet. One ring is an emerald which is Megan's birthstone, the other ring is a diamond, MGK's birthstone..and when worn together, they form a heart.

Also very unique about this ring is that Megan literally cannot take it off. MGK told Vogue in an interview, "The bands are actually thorns. So if she tries to take it off it hurts."

Can we just take a moment to think about what MGK has just done and how actually crazy it is?! And if you think it's cute, you're crazy too!! LOL Like what do you mean there are literally spikes in my ring that will hurt if I try to take it off?! What if you put it on my finger and I had to later remove it to get it sized? What if I want to get it cleaned? Like this better be a forever thing because I'm not about to surgically remove my ring because you were trying to be cute and outside of the box LOL

But lowkey..I want to see these thorns he speaks of up close! Would you wear an engagement ring with thorns that would hurt to take off?

Photo: Getty

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