CLOWN: Drunk Buffalos Lead Cops To Illegal Booze Operation, 3 Men Arrested!

Three farmers in India were illegally brewing alcohol..and they got caught because their buffalos got drunk!

So these farmers noticed that their buffalos were acting very strange, frothing at the mouth.. they called a vet..the vet came to do an inspection of the premises and found that the water trough the animals had been drinking from had a strange also was a weird color..TURNS OUT..the men had hidden bottles of illegally brewed moonshine in the trough..some of the bottles had broken and contaminated the water. Of course leading to the buffalos to all get drunk!!

The vet reported this to the police who raided the farm and recovered 100 bottles of alcohol. Also take into consideration the bottles that were NOT recovered because they had broken and the buffalo drank them lol

The farmers were arrested and are facing huge fines possibly even prison time..because duh, the production and selling of alcohol in India..SUPER ILLEGAL!

Photo: Getty

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