Seattle Uber Eats Driver Goes Viral, Gets Donations, Gives Donations!

Riley Elliott is from Seattle, but since rent out here is so high, Riley recently moved to Las Vegas.

To make ends meet, Riley is an Uber Eats driver. In this now viral video, Riley can be seen, frustrated, and tearing up - and for good reason.

Riley has been homeless before and his fiancé was laid off due to the pandemic. Following a recent food delivery, Riley went on TikTok and asked people to be more considerate and to tip their drivers. He said he lost money because on a 45 minute deliver, he had to pay for parking, only got $1.50 tip and Uber only paid him $2.50 for the trip.

That emotional video caught the attention of the Seattle Sounders, because Riley Elliot was wearing a Sounders shirt in the video. The Sounders made a $500 donation to his Venmo, then encouraged others to help out as well.

Before he knew it, Rileys video had 3.7 Million views and he has received 50,000 dollars in donations.

He actually gave away 15 thousand of that to other people in need.

Photo: Getty