CLOWN: Arizona Man Fakes Kidnapping Just To Get Out Of Work!

A 19 year old, Brandon Soules, of Coolidge, AZ is now unemployed after he faked his own kidnapping just to get out of work!

He told officers he was hit over the head, tied up and gagged..kidnapped and was driven around in a vehicle before being dropped off by a water tower where police officers found him.

Police looked at surveillance around the area he claimed to have been kidnapped at to put the pieces together and found no evidence of anything he was saying to be true. When asked why anyone would want to kidnap him, Soules said his father had hidden a large amount of money around town and that's what they wanted....also fake news.

He was arrested and admitted during an interview that he made the whole thing up to get out of work at a tire factory LOL

Well not only did he get the day off he wanted...they also fired him. So LOTS of days off to look forward to!

CLICK HERE to see the pic of him rolling around in the dirt with his hands tied behind his back LMAO

Photo: Getty