Teen Saves A Man's Life At Ranier Valley Bus Stop!

18 year old Toriana Davis was at the bus stop on Rainier Ave last week when the man who sat down next to her passed out.

This man had just ended a volunteer shift at the Rainier Valley Food Bank and he suffered a heart attack. Here is the director of the food bank

So it was a matter of being in the right place at the right time for Toriana.

Tori did chest compressions until the fire department arrived, and now that man is recovering in the hospital.

Toriana is working on her GED right now and experiencing homelessness herself. A matter of fact, she just moved into a shelter nearby. Tori was in foster care and then extended foster care but she says if all of the traumatizing moments in her life didn’t happen, she wouldn’t have been at that bus stop at the moment this man had a heart attack

So now, Tori decided to take the man’s place at the food bank and now SHE is volunteering. She hasn’t met the man she saved yet but she does plan on sticking around after he comes back.


Photo: Getty