WATCH: 6 Year Old's Viral 'You Can Be Anything ABC's'!

6 year old Sam in Memphis, Tennessee is bringing smiles and laughs to everyone online after his you can be anything ABC's went viral! *audio 1* the video on Facebook has almost a quarter million shares. 1st grader, Sam White, raps about possible career opportunities for every single letter of the alphabet. In the video Sam's dad, Bobby, can be seen dancing around in the background and is providing the beats you hear. Lol Sam's parents said that they want him to know about all the amazing opportunities that are out there waiting for him and say that kids learning early on to be passionate about career sets them up to do better in school because they are working toward something. Sam currently has his sights set on a degree in architecture.

Check out Sam's You Can Be Anything ABC's below!

Photo: Getty